Partner with Pete

Often I will form a partnership with individuals and companies who have great business ideas but lack the experience in business development, sales, or marketing required for such endeavors. Obviously I won’t be able to jump into every project thrown my way but you never know what sort of ideas strike a cord. Some factors for starting businesses pertain to what available resources in human capital, upfront financial capital, startup time, inventory, industry knowledge, and technical knowhow you and I possess together. Other factors to consider could include product attributes (cost, weight, durability, demand, etc) and service attributes (duration, customer expectancy, demand, residuals incentive, industry barriers, etc.)

I am a fan of all business! But like every human, my resources are limited too. So if you have a good idea, send it my way. I will reply to you no matter what. I’ll probably give you some good advice on how to DIY if I can’t take it right away. And remember ideas don’t have to be authentic or original. I’ve never been one to re-invent the wheel myself. What I look for more than anything else is how much of an opportunity your ideas represent.

I look forward to hearing about all the late night mental empires you have created lately. Keep building. Its who we are.


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